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Select the minefields to avoid for high-power SMD LEDs

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SMD LEDs have good lighting effects and affordable prices, so they are widely used in many occasions. When purchasing high-power SMD LEDs, it is easy for users to step into the procurement minefield when facing a variety of products and procurement channels. Next, we will talk about what factors affect the quality of patch LED, etc., and the minefield when purchasing such LEDs.


Factory scale and process determine quality


The brand should be paid attention to when purchasing the high-power SMD LEDs, because the brand strength determines the service effect and life of the LEDs. The use effect of patch LEDs with the same power shape and other parameters is different, which is often affected by the manufacturer's process and scale. For example, the manufacturer needs to have an LED spectroscope to ensure the color purity of the LEDs, and for example, the mature production process to ensure the good sealing performance of the patch LEDs and long service life. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the strength, executive standards, qualifications and honors of the manufacturer.


The heat dissipation and color temperature of LEDs cannot be ignored


For the purchase of chip high-power SMD LEDs, the minefield to avoid is to only look at the price and ignore its heat dissipation and color temperature. The service life of the patch LEDs with the same configuration is determined by the heat dissipation. If the heat dissipation is not good, the service life will be shortened. The color temperature should be graded. The smaller the color temperature grading is, the smaller the difference between colors will be. Therefore, the color of the patch LEDs with the same color can be guaranteed to be exactly the same. Therefore, you should do your homework and consult the details before purchasing this type of LEDs.


Only by paying attention to the details just mentioned, and then looking at the price according to the strength of the manufacturer and the lamp bead parameter configuration, can we guarantee that we can buy satisfactory patch LEDs within the budget, and we can not ignore the specific application environment and needs, to ensure that the purchased LEDs can be quickly disassembled and installed to achieve the desired lighting effect.

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