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Guangdong Queendom  Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is a high-tech private enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It mainly develops, produces and sells smart product

s, smart shopping mall lighting semiconductor equipment and other series of products; all technical references In Germany. Products are exported to Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia and all parts of the country. Zhengfa Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in 18 years and is a professional provider of led global smart linear lighting products. The company’s main business and industrial layout include LED packaging industry chain, fpcb industry chain, intelligent control power supply industry chain, hardware and accessories industry chain, and is committed to providing overall solutions for high-quality linear lighting.

The LED brand [QUEENDOM] Division of Zhengfa Technology specializes in LED light-emitting diodes, LED shopping mall lighting and light source systems; an enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales. At the same time, we provide you with a variety of led supermarket linear lights, led linear lights, lighting engineering, supermarket lighting, led linear cascade lights, led linear lighting systems, led track linear lights, indoor linear lights, Zhengfa lighting, supermarket lighting systems , Supermarket linear lighting, linear lighting system, and related products such as LedUV lamp tube, LED germicidal lamp tube, mosquito lamp tube, T5T8 lamp tube manufacturer, etc. The core of the enterprise is to create integrated commercial linear lighting and disinfection lighting in shopping malls.

Application areas: widely used in infrastructure, government agencies, hospitals, venue construction, shopping mall lighting led linear lamps (fresh light_fruit and vegetable lights_supermarket lighting_shelf lighting), used in food, shelves, refrigerators, supermarkets, for baking For the lighting requirements of bread, fruits and vegetables, cooked food, meat, dairy products, etc., QUEENDOM, a brand of Zhengfa Lighting, has won domestic and foreign chain supermarkets (Wal-Mart, Baiguoyuan, Baijia, etc.), refrigerated preservation cabinet companies and lighting distributors. Concern and favor, we are a shopping mall lighting brand, creating a one-stop service for the design and installation of all shopping mall lighting.

The subordinate brand Mingxingzhijia and the Changhong Group Division mainly research and develop, produce and sell  smart products, locks, smart home smart lighting, semiconductor equipment and other series of products, specializing in the development and production of smart locks, automatic smart slide locks, anti-theft smart face locks, fingerprints Locks, password locks, smart system research and development, etc., in the smart era, carefully build "China smart lock star brand" cost-effective products, and become a brand in the field of anti-theft door locks in the smart era

A high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of smart home security systems, smart fingerprint locks, smart lighting, and property cloud service management center platforms. It has been committed to independent research and development for many years and has smart home security based on international advanced technology. The system has a full set of solutions, a complete sales network and a high-quality after-sales service system. The products include smart home control systems, anti-theft alarm systems, smart fingerprint locks, and property networking management centers. The four major systems are the sub-brands "QUEENDOM, Mingxing Home, "Focus on the R&D and production of Internet NB-IOT smart home system, smart home security system, Wi-Fi series alarm system and peripheral accessories

At present, the types of products with large-scale production include: LED lamp bead packaging, indoor lighting assembly and other optoelectronic products. Equipped with internationally advanced medical equipment testing equipment, LED packaging production line automatic crystal bonding machine, automatic wire bonding machine, automatic spectrometer, automatic sealing machine; which is equipped with precision testing equipment and LED light-emitting diodes, digital tubes, LED indoor lighting And other related assembly equipment.

Fully implement ISO9001; 2000 quality management system standards, which can pass the official certification unit of SGS company. And ROHS\REACH\CE\UL and many other certifications. Adhering to the quality policy of "scientific management, meticulous manufacturing, continuous improvement, and pursuit of excellence", a comprehensive quality management system has been established. On this basis, the company is willing to actively cooperate with new and old partners, seek common development, and create brilliance together. So that the "Home of Famous Stars\Qianguang\QUEENDOM" brand has been inserted into the high-end brands.

Service hotline +0086 13612789419
Service hotline +0086 13612789419Service hotline +0086 13612789419
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