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Lighting Applications
Farming factory lighting application-waterproof tube
Queendom Group's 18-year-old Chinese LED factory,Lamp, waterproof lamp, led waterproof lamp, indoor waterproof lamp, moisture-proof lamp, waterproof lamp manufacturer.Application of Led poultry lights, Led chicken farm lights, Led cattle farm lights,
Shopping mall lighting renovation plan
Queendom Group's 18-year-old Chinese LED factory, Philips OEM LED brand factory, used for OEM/ODM commercial and lamp bead applications, including complete LED lamp power supplies and components.
Square too hutch ark
Fang Tai has always focused on high-end kitchen electric field, leading design and excellent quality, so that Fang Tai become the leader of high-end kitchen electric products.
Service hotline +86 0769  81305868
Service hotline +86 0769  81305868Service hotline +86 0769 81305868
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