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Lighting Applications
Agriculture and animal husbandry lighting application case
QUEENDOM Technology is an enterprise in the professional field of agricultural lighting in China. It provides professional agricultural lighting information for LED lighting to help agricultural development, Three-proof lamp, animal husbandry three-proof lamp, breeding waterproof lamp, agricultural three-proof lamp, planting lamp, Queendom waterproof lamp
Farming factory lighting application-waterproof tube
Queendom Group's 18-year-old Chinese LED factory,Lamp, waterproof lamp, led waterproof lamp, indoor waterproof lamp, moisture-proof lamp, waterproof lamp manufacturer.Application of Led poultry lights, Led chicken farm lights, Led cattle farm lights,
Shopping mall lighting renovation plan
Queendom Group's 18-year-old Chinese LED factory, Philips OEM LED brand factory, used for OEM/ODM commercial and lamp bead applications, including complete LED lamp power supplies and components.
Square too hutch ark
Fang Tai has always focused on high-end kitchen electric field, leading design and excellent quality, so that Fang Tai become the leader of high-end kitchen electric products.
Service hotline +0086 13612789419
Service hotline +0086 13612789419Service hotline +0086 13612789419
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