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Mistakes to avoid when purchasing IR LEDs

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It is natural to consider many aspects when purchasing IR LEDs. Although the appearance of infrared lamp beads is similar to that of ordinary LEDs, they emit infrared rays, so many users will step into the wrong choice when purchasing for the first time. Before purchasing specific infrared LEDs, you should know the relevant knowledge before choosing. Next, let's talk about this topic.


Power and brightness are not necessarily proportional


Because the appearance of IR LED is similar to that of ordinary LEDs, you should make sure that you buy IR LEDs first. When selecting specific IR LEDs, we should also avoid the mistake that the power and brightness of LEDs are not proportional. On the one hand, due to the influence of the manufacturer's technology, there may be situations of high power but low infrared intensity, and vice versa. On the other hand, the luminous intensity of the infrared LEDs refers to the intensity at the normal position, so the power may be different but the infrared light intensity may be similar.


Lumen decay in practical application


When purchasing infrared LEDs, we should also consider the actual application, and we cannot judge the use of IR LEDs simply from the rated parameters. For example, the lumen of infrared LED lamp beads will decay in actual use, so many lamp beads will have different degrees of brightness reduction with the increase of service time. At the same time, due to the impact of application environment factors, such as temperature or dust, the service life of IR LEDs will also be shortened.


Because IR LEDs are different from ordinary LEDs in all aspects, you should do your homework well in advance when you purchase them, and consider the daily application environment of LEDs, so that the purchased IR LEDs can achieve the expected use experience.

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