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Decorative lights-partial details

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The living room is a place where people spend the longest time apart from the bedroom. It is not only the center of family activities, but also a place to receive relatives and friends. Therefore, when choosing the lighting in the living room, you must carefully consider the choice. Generally speaking, the living room uses a combination of overall and local lighting to meet the lighting requirements of the living room.


General lighting

Ceiling lights can be used for general lighting. Generally, a single-head or multi-head chandelier can be installed in the center of the room as the main light to create a stable, square, warm and warm environment, making guests feel at home.

The choice of ceiling lights is determined by the area and height of the living room. If the area is only more than ten square meters and the shape of the room is irregular, then it is best to choose ceiling lights. If the living room is tall and large, the choice of chandelier can be based on the age and culture of the owner. , Hobbies, the view and standard of comfort and warmth, and the requirements of lighting style.

Local lighting

Local lighting can use floor lamps, wall lamps, etc. to achieve the effect of use and embellishment. For watching TV and leisure reading, it is more appropriate to install a high-pole floor lamp. When watching TV and reading, turn off the ceiling lamp and turn on the floor lamp, which is not glaring, and makes the environment quiet and elegant. There are banners and calligraphy on the back wall of the sofa. Two wall lamps of suitable size can be installed on both sides of the calligraphy and painting, and a floor lamp can be placed beside the sofa. Such a luminaire device is stable and elegant, and the light source can be selected according to different needs, or all the lights are placed together, the room is full of brilliance, or a single light is placed alone, to promote the old.

Because the situation of each family room is different, the function of the living room is also different. For example, the living room of some families may have to act as a dining room. Therefore, when choosing lamps and lanterns, you must be flexible to grasp the actual situation.

Appearance and grade

In terms of the appearance and grade of the lamps, one must consider the coordination with the atmosphere of the living room, and the other is to strive for elegance and avoid luxury. The living room is the facade of the family. If the lighting is too plain, it may not reflect your decoration style and may be a little shabby. If it is too luxurious, it may make visitors feel psychologically stressed and unable to let go. The main lighting of the living room should not be too dark or dazzling. When there are few people in the living room, you can turn off the main lighting and turn on a wall lamp. Nowadays, some consumers are looking forward to pastoral life and pursuing the artistic conception of returning to the original. They abandon the magnificent wall lamp and light candles in the living room to create a candlelight effect. Although this design is elegant, but living in a modern city is troublesome and troublesome.

If the room is tall, it is advisable to use a three-prong to five-pronged incandescent chandelier, or a larger circular chandelier, so that the living room looks magnificent. However, it is not advisable to use a chandelier with all downward light distribution, and the upper space should also have a certain brightness to reduce the brightness difference between the upper and lower spaces.

If the room is low, ceiling lamps and floor lamps can be used. In this way, the living room will look bright and elegant, with a sense of the times. The floor lamps are placed next to the sofa, and the side table of the sofa is equipped with decorative craft lamps, or a lower wall lamp is placed on the nearby wall. In this way, not only local lighting is provided when reading, but also a cordial and harmonious atmosphere is added when meeting guests and talking.


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