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What details should be paid attention to when purchasing direct high-power Through hole LEDs

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Direct insertion of high-power Through hole LEDs in lighting fixtures has always been a hot sale, because of its durability and easy disassembly. For example, the use of direct Through hole LEDs in agriculture and animal husbandry lighting can quickly complete the construction of lighting projects, and the lighting effect is good, energy saving and electricity saving. What details should be considered when purchasing direct Through hole LEDs?


Pay attention to power shape and other attributes


When purchasing a direct Through hole high-power lamp bead, it is natural to first understand the shape and power of the lamp bead. It is natural to pay attention to the shape and power when purchasing LEDs. The power should be considered according to our lighting needs and power consumption planning. The shape can be divided into straw hat shape, round head and straw hat shape without brim. The shape should be selected according to the application environment to ensure that the in-line LEDs can be quickly disassembled and the lighting effect reaches the expectation. At the same time, attention should be paid to whether the color is pure.


Pay attention to the manufacturer's standards


Because many channels are now producing and selling high-power Through hole LEDs, in order to ensure the durability of the purchased LEDs, it is natural to pay attention to the manufacturers. When comparing the lamp bead brands, we can consider from the aspect of the manufacturer's implementation standards. LED LEDs need to meet the laser class I standard, as well as check the anti-static ability of the LEDs. If there are other additional requirements such as luminous angle, we can also select suitable in-line LEDs as appropriate.


Because in most cases, the direct Through hole high-power Through hole LEDs are purchased in bulk, so the manufacturer's brand reputation, executive standards, and the shape strategy of the LEDs should be paid attention to, so that we can ensure that the LEDs that meet our expectations can be purchased within the budget, and pay attention to the packaging and transportation services provided by the manufacturer, so as to ensure that the purchase experience of the LEDs is good and the price is affordable.

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