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Learn about multi-color SMD LEDs easily through two points

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I don't know if you have noticed that in life, we often see some colorful lights. In fact, these lights are all completed through led beads. The color of led beads is relatively diverse, and you can easily customize a variety of colors according to the needs of people. Today we are going to introduce a product with more diversified colors. Here we can easily understand the multi-color patch beads through two points.


1What is multi-color patch lamp bead


In fact, there are two classifications of multi-color SMD LEDs, one is bicolor LEDs, and the other is tricolor LEDs. The bicolor LEDs have only two colors, but they are flexible. The two colors can be combined with any color at will, while the color of tricolor SMD LEDs is composed of red, green and blue. The diversified colors can meet the needs of different scenes, Therefore, it is also widely used.


2Characteristics of multi-color SMD LEDs


Multi color SMD LEDs have a high energy saving performance. Compared with traditional lighting tools, the energy saving effect has been improved many times. It is also small in size, can be packaged in any item, and the color is relatively pure and soft. It can not only be used as decoration, but also has the effect of lighting. In addition, it has the characteristics of durability and long life, especially the low radiation, which is popular among many users and belongs to a green lighting source.


Through the above introduction, do you have a certain understanding of multi-color SMD LEDs? In fact, it has many advantages, so it can be easily used in many places, bringing different colors to people's lives.

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