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What is ultraviolet lamp used for

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What is ultraviolet lamp used for

UV LED in-line lamp bead light source is used in UV lamp products


1. Main features

1 Duty ratio = 1/10, Pulse width = 0.1ms

2 Luminous Intensity is tested by a tester calibrated by CAS 140B(CIE LED_B) and has an accuracy of 10%

3 Forward Voltage has a tolerance of ±0.05 V.

4 Peak/Dominant Wavelength has an accuracy of ±1nm.

5 Color Coordinates has an accuracy of ±0.01.


Two application scope: UV glue curing, nail lamp, etc.

Product description: UV curing LEDs are all packaged with imported raw materials, and special wavelengths can be made according to customer requirements.

3MM/5mm direct insertion UV wavelength: 365-370-375-380-385-395-400-405-410-415nm, 680-690-700-710-720-735-740-850-890-900-940 -970-980nm.

Special wavelengths can be made according to customer requirements.

Three product uses:

1. UV glue curing, nail lamp

2. Leak detection and inspection of air conditioning and automobile circulation systems, special gases

3. Leakage inspection of oil and gas pipelines

 4. System check marks and blood stains, inspection of crime scene

5. Wild exploration tools for treasure hunting and mine hunting

  6. Antique identification, jade jewelry detection

7. Fluorescence reflection of special substances

  8. Scorpion lamp

9. Attracting mosquito lamps and mosquito killers

10. Banknote verification and identification (RMB, US dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Euro, British pound)

11. Sterilization

 12. Various fields such as plant growth.

13. Stage decoration 14. Machine vision light source


Direct-insertion purple LED lamp beads, direct-insertion UV purple LED lamp beads,integrate international high-quality raw material supplier resources, use international brand superior deep ultraviolet epitaxial wafers, Taiwan production process, and import ASM packaging production equipment. The product has high light output power and long life. It fully solves the problem of lamp failure after a period of time in the industry. It can completely replace the application of UVC mercury lamp in curing, water treatment, sterilization, disinfection, space disinfection, air purification, etc.

In industrial production, to cure various UV glues and UV inks. LED UV curing equipment is the most advanced glue curing method today. It has absolute advantages compared with traditional discharge UV curing equipment. It has small size, long life, low energy consumption, flexible shape design, adjustable and stable light intensity. The luminous band can be customized (wavelengths such as 365, 385, 400, 460) to cure different glues. For more product appearances and parameters, please browse our website or consult our sales engineer.


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