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What should be paid attention to when purchasing SMD LEDs?

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With the increasing demand for lighting, when purchasing lamps, there are not only requirements for lighting, but also certain requirements for appearance and lighting. Therefore, traditional incandescent lamps are also replaced by energy-saving lamps. With the development of the times, energy-saving lamps are replaced by the current LEDs. After all, the color diversity of LEDs is more recognized by people. I believe that we are familiar with LEDs, Today, let's learn about the purchase precautions of SMD LEDs.


1Brand selection


There are many vendors selling SMD LEDs in the market, but different brands not only have different quality of LEDs, but also have different use effects. Therefore, when purchasing, you need to pay attention to the brand. It is better to understand the brand awareness and reputation, to ensure that the brand you choose is more reliable, so that the quality of the LEDs purchased will be guaranteed.


2Product process


Although there are many kinds of SMD LEDs, the process will be different. Generally, the LEDs with good manufacturing process, lighting and current are more accurate and conform to the relevant national standards. In this way, the brightness of each lamp bead will be uniform, and the final effect will not be affected because of the different brightness, and there will be no cracks on the shell. The sealing is relatively high, The lamp cap will not fall off in use.


In a word, if you want to ensure that the quality of the SMD LEDs you have purchased is relatively reliable, you must understand some purchase precautions in detail before purchasing, and choose a reliable brand to purchase, so that the quality of the product can be more reassuring.

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