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T12 Three anti-light

T12 Three anti-light

Release time:2021-11-11 15:24:12

Description:Three proofing lamp [waterproof lamp tube] refers to the three proofs of waterproof, dustproof and anticorrosion. Special anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion materials and silicone sealing ring are used to meet the protection requirements of lamps.

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Waterproof light-T12 Three anti-light




L1:586mm、1196mm、1496mm   , L2:605mm、1215mm、1515mm 。

LEDT8 tube 0.9 meters 12W high luminous efficiency, high lumen (light efficiency 95LM/W can be customized

120LM/W tube) high power factor (PF>0.9),Flicker-free LED energy-saving daylight low-voltage waterproof tube.

Product Features

1. Using 1/2 aluminum-plastic tube structure, exquisite appearance and good heat dissipation effect.

2. Built-in constant current drive, high efficiency and stability.

3. Using SMD LED as the light source, high light efficiency and long life.

4. The response time is fast, and the LED response time is nanoseconds.

5. Environmental protection, no heavy metals and harmful gases.

6. Energy saving, 65% energy saving than traditional fluorescent lamps.

7. No stroboscopic, fast start, soft light, eye protection.

8. Easy to install and easy to use.



Main matters of installation

The installation of the product must be a professional electrician.

Check the integrity of the product when taking it out of the box.

The distance between the product and flammable materials should be at least 0.2M, and the zenith to be installed should have a gap

of 2 cm. The lamps cannot be installed in the zenith.

Or near walls with heat sources, pay attention to separate low-voltage and high-voltage cables.

The wires on the luminaire can be passed through the drilled holes and the wires behind the luminaire can be fixed with wire clamps

to ensure that the fixing is firm.

Make sure that the power cord of the lamp is of sufficient length and not subject to tension or tangential force. Avoid excessive tension

when installing the connection of the lamp, and don't make the connection knotted.

The output connection should be distinguished, not to be confused with other lamps.

After installation, connect the low-voltage plug of the lamp with the low-voltage plug of the switching power supply.

Connect the tail wire of the switch power supply of the lamp to the mains, usually the brown wire (black) wire is the live wire, and

the blue wire is the neutral wire.Use the special LED driver of the lamp, do not mix it with other lamps.

Do not tear off the nameplate of the power supply and driver of the lamp.

Note: Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble and repair. Our company has the right to disassemble and repair products without

replacement or warranty service.

Scope of application

Offices, conference rooms, shopping malls, banks, stations, schools, hospitals and other places that require energy-saving and high color

rendering index lighting.


1. The input voltage is DC85-265V, please confirm whether the local electricity meets the product before installation.

2. All the above test data are tested within the specified input voltage and rated output range. The working environment temperature is

25°C, the humidity is less than 85%, and the light-emitting angle is 120°.

3. The protection level of this product is IP65, which can be used in occasions where water mist and vapor will be generated.

4. Check whether the voltage and current meet the requirements; do not disassemble the product without authorization.

5. If the product cannot work normally due to product quality defects, the warranty will be replaced within two years.

6. Unless otherwise specified, the tolerance of all dimensions is ±2mm

Precautions for safe use

The product can only be used outside the packaging.

Check for damage before use.

Don't try to repair it yourself, only professionals can repair it.

Keep children away from the product, and do not allow children to touch live equipment.

Keep the product away from open flames or high-temperature objects.

The product has expired and needs to be repaired and inspected or scrapped

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