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Application of LED Light Emitting Diode in the Design of Fluorescent PCR

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Application of LED Light Emitting Diode to the Design of Fluorescence Detection Device in Fluorescence Quantitative PCR Instrument

( School of Metrology and Testing Engineering , China Jiliang University , Hangzhou 310018 , Zhejiang )

Abstract : An integrating sphere polymerase chain reaction ( PCR ) fluorescence detection device based on LED light source was designed .

 The system uses monochrome LEDs for

It is the light source, after the uniform radiation of the integrating sphere, the influence of the light source on the sample is reduced, and then

 the PCR cycle is obtained through the photomultiplier tube and the subsequent circuit.

Real-time fluorescence intensity in the ring, which effectively reduces the volume of the fluorescence detection device and improves the 

cost-effectiveness of the instrument. Experiment through the device and iCy—

The detection data of cler-iQ5 real-time fluorescence PCR instrument were compared, and the instrument deviation was 9. 44% and 25. 98%

 found that the device had a higher

Precision, better stability and repeatability.

Key words : polymerase chain reaction ; integrating sphere ; photomultiplier tube ; fluorescence detection

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