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LED modern agricultural lighting and its application

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LED modern agricultural lighting and its application

All things are known for their good at relying on sunlight. Sunshine is an indispensable link element for the growth and development of agricultural benthic organisms, and for high-quality and high-yield. Many experts from the semiconductor lighting family industry and agricultural experts received the interviews from reporters on the 3rd. It means that intelligent lighting and precise control of light links are the inevitable trend of the advancement of equipment and agricultural technology in the current era. LED agricultural lighting may be changed to the current era. A new generation of man-made light sources for equipment agriculture.


 Agriculture is the basic skill of the national economy. Taking advantage of the increase in the number of households, the digital and quality demand for consumables, and the continuous reduction of agricultural resources, environmental pollution continues to change, and the effective supply of food safety, food safety and livestock products has been reorganized. A practical challenge. Equipment agriculture is the highlight and pillar industry of modern agriculture. It is a modern agricultural art that uses engineering techniques under a relatively controllable environment reference system to make rapid progress in the development of animals and plants. Implied equipment planting, equipment stocking, equipment morel mushrooms, etc. According to media reports, in 2012, my country's installed gardening area was more than 57.9 million mu, and the value of the substrate of the installed gardening box was more than 580 billion yuan;

 At present, in my country's equipment agriculture, the artificial light sources of Yaofeng include ultra-high-pressure flash lamps and incandescent lamps. These artificial light sources have weaknesses such as high energy consumption and low light efficiency. Dr. Li Tao from the Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development Automation of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences puts a needle through the needle. The boxing sheet requested by the plant is 400-500 nanometer blue light, and these artificial light sources of local customs are beyond the reach.


  The development of LED light source is a very effective way to implement the goal of frugal, short, flat and fast light source. For example, plants need to be sintered at will, and the power consumption is 1/5 of the bomb light. At the same time, there is no special need for preheating. The bomb sodium lamp is turned on for a period of time. After time, it takes a long time to warm up. The LED light source does not require warm up and has a long service life.

 Although LED lamps have so many advantages, high pressure sodium lamps are still the most important man-made light source in the greenhouse production system. The major reason for this scenario is that the price of LED artificial light sources is relatively high, and the wide application of LEDs in artificial light sources in the greenhouse reproductive system is still open and poor in research and development. However, taking advantage of the mature LED technology, reduced production costs, and fierce competition, the price of LED will drop quickly, and the application of LED lighting in future agriculture will be profitable.

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