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T8 LED Emergency Tubes

T8 LED Emergency Tubes

Release time:2021-02-24 17:02:21

Description:Queendom emergency LED fluorescent tubes are usually used as ordinary LED tubes. In the event of an emergency, it will automatically light up the led tube New product of emergency led fluorescent tube: In order to facilitate the installation, the newly developed emergency led tube with built-in power supply, put the lithium battery into the aluminum tube, directly replace the fluorescent lamp, without the need for an external power supply, and the installation is convenient. However, the emergency time will be shorter, the power supply is built-in, and the battery cannot be too large

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T8 LED Emergency Tubes


T8 LED emergency light bracket (bracket +inverter + battery pack + wiring)

Emergency LED fluorescent tube, emergencyLED tube is suitable for emergency LED fluorescent tube power 6-30W

1. Put the emergency power supply intothe T8 bracket, with multiple sizes of 0.6m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m LED fluorescenttubes, single lamp and 

double lamp brackets for customers to choose, LEDfluorescent tube power 8-300W, connect The lamp can be used;

2. One lamp for dual purposes: it can beused as a general lighting lamp, but also can realize the function of emergencylight led tube, automatic 

identification and automatic switching of workingstatus.

3. Three-color indicator lights anddetection switches are installed on the outer wall of the bracket, so thatusers can know the working status at any time

 and check whether the lamps canbe used for emergency lighting at any time;

4. The design of the emergency powersupply circuit is perfect and scientific, with a slender shape, suitable forinstallation in a bracket;

5. The emergency power supply can also beinstalled into the grille lamp panel, ceiling lamp panel, tri-proof lampbracket or base, etc., to realize 

the function of emergency lighting of thelamp;

6. Multiple emergency power products areavailable for selection. After a power failure, the lamp can be used forfull-power emergency lighting

 or half-power emergency lighting.

7. When the mains power is supplied, theinverter makes the emergency lighting battery pack in a charging standby state;when the mains AC is 

suddenly interrupted due to accidents such as earthquakes,attacks, explosions, etc. or other emergency situations, the inverter isimmediately

 converted to emergency lighting batteries The group DC continues tosupply power to ensure the lighting and safety of the lamps. The red, 

green,and yellow LED lamp beads respectively display the normal main power, charging,and fault status. After the battery is fully charged, 

it will automaticallyenter the maintenance power state, compensate for self-discharge, and maintainthe battery. Performance and service life.

 Matched with batteries of differentcapacities, it can reach emergency lighting time of 1-5 hours, adapting to theneeds of different occasions. 

It can be used in a temperature environment of-20—+60.

8. Connect the circuit in strictaccordance with the wiring diagram and do not open the cover at will;

9. The user can regularly check thedischarge of the inverter, that is, cut off the mains power supply, and use thebattery to discharge and illuminate

 until it stops automatically;

2. Product description

Specification model: T5, T6, T8, T10,etc.

Light source chip: Epistar 2835LED lampbeads are light, which is 80% energy-saving than incandescent lamps.

Lamp beads brand: Philips, Osram, Hongli=

Service life: up to 50,000 hours ofservice life

Input voltage: AC100-240V 50/60HZ

Protection level: filled withhigh-quality sealing and waterproof silicone, the outer layer is tightlywrapped with a waterproof silicone sleeve, using 

transparent AB glue,protection level IP65/IP67

Heat dissipation scheme: The circuitboard adopts a full glass fiber circuit board with low water absorption andgood moisture resistance, with a

 thickness of 1.2mm and fast heat dissipation

Shell material: PC, aluminum,PC+aluminum, all-plastic thermoplastic engineering plastics [the best solutionfor waterproofing conventional and

 all-plastic first]

Light transmittance efficiency: thetransmittance of the transparent PC cover is 94-96%, and the transmittance ofthe large stripe PC cover with 

light diffusion is 90-92%. Light diffusion PCcover light transmittance 85-88%

Flame retardant grade: PC cover Flameretardant grade: 94-V2 or 94-V0

Battery voltage: 12V

Specification capacity: 18W half an hour,18W 1 hour, 18W 1.5 hours, 18W 2 hours, 18W 3 hours

Energy saving and environmentalprotection: 60% energy saving with high efficiency, low carbon and no UV. TheLED light source has long life and

 low power consumption and is durable.Odorless, non-toxic PC plastic, with excellent physical properties, can workfor a long time at low


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Use range

Used in hospitals, schools, supermarket chains,offices, office buildings, bars, hotel decorations, home lighting, lamp lightsources, engineering

lighting, parking lots, western restaurants, cafes, clubs,shop windows,

Environmental decorative lighting for exhibitionhalls, art halls, museums, etc.; office lighting, factory lighting, librarylighting, subway lighting,

shop lighting, shopping mall lighting, hotellighting, etc., can be described as lighting places

,There is LED T8 tube.

The t8 tube is a kind of energy-saving lamps, trefers to the diameter of the tube itself, and 8 refers to the circumference ofthe tube is 8 cm. The

letter "t" is usually used to name a lamp, anda "t" is equivalent to one-eighth Inch, and one inch = 25.4mm, so the diameter of thet8 tube is 25.4mm.

 The t8 tube has a very high luminous efficiency, which isconducive

to energy saving, and has a long life. It is often used in commercial

Business place. Can save electricity bills, butalso because you don’t have to change light bulbs frequently

About the labor cost.

Three, matters needing attention:

This emergency power supply includesbattery pack

• Emergency lightingrechargeable battery 12.0V SC2500mAh

•Composed of 10 nickel-cadmiumrechargeable batteries SC2500mAh1.2V welded, the parameters after single-rowcombination:

•Battery pack size/double row(length, width and thickness)=240*44*24mm

• Average weight =430g/group;

•Power/emergency time =LED10W/120min

•Emergency lamp batteries oftenrequire long-term continuous trickle charging of the battery with a smallcurrent. Because nickel-cadmium batteries have extremely high battery energydensity, overcharge, overdischarge, high and low temperature resistance,excellent life, safety

 performance and storage, so they are widely used , Hasalso become the battery of choice for fire emergency power supply.

•Compared with lithiumbatteries, nickel-cadmium batteries have more safety and price competitiveadvantages.

• During use, pay attention tocharging the battery after it is discharged as much as possible, the batteryperformance will be better;


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