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10MM straw hat 1W  LED
Custom color temperature ranges areavailable.HighPower LED products are used in a variety of applications including Contourlighting, Stairway lighting, Outdoor floodlights, Landscape lighting, Securityand Automotive and more. Queendom Light offers many kinds of high power LEDswhich are categorized by Forward (Driven) Current, Flux, Color temperature andCRI. The parametric filters on our website can help refine your search resultsdepending on the required specifications.
10MM straw hat mid-power LED
high power LEDs generatea large amount of heat, special heat dissipation technologies are used withthem. Queendomoffers a variety of high power LEDs for a wide range of lighting applications.High power LEDs include 1W, 3W, 5W and other options, and white color typesinclude cool white, neutral white and warm white, which are in different colortemperature range from 2600K to 11000K. Custom color temperature ranges areavailable.HighPower LED products are used in a variety of applications including Contourlighting,
10mm IR Infrared LED
 Features: 1.Emitted color: Colored transparent 2. Circularity: ψ10 3. Compatible 4. Long life solid-state reliability 5. LED Chip material:GaInn/Gan   Applications: 1. Remote Control 2.Automatic Control System
3528  UV LEDs
Near UV TOP LED DP/CP/P3528 series Features: • Thin package, with heat sink, good heat dissipation • 365nm-405nm, can be used for detection, nail art, mosquito trap, photocatalyst, curing, etc. • Power: 0.5-1W
3535 UV LEDs
• Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate, glass package, high reliability, good UV resistance • High heat dissipation, low thermal resistance • 265nm-315nm, can be used for sterilization, water purification, phototherapy and other purposes • Power: 0.1-2W
QUEENDOM Technology specializes intheproduction and sales: SMD 2835 LED lamp beads, 2835 high voltage LEDlampbeads, SMD high voltage lamp beads, 2835 SMD light-emitting diodes, SMDLEDs,SMD 2835 lamp beads, high voltage drive SMD lamp beads, LEDLight-emittingdiode, LED chip lamp beads, 1W2835 lamp beads and other series ofchip LED lampbeads
2012  Multi-Color SMD LED
Queendom offers an extensive range of high qualityMulti-Color SMD LEDs which are small in size, high efficiency and low powerconsumption. Multi-color SMD LED products are divided into Bi-colorand Tri-color SMD LEDs. The bi-color SMD LEDs are available in a wide range ofcolor combinations. The tri-color SMD LEDs provide the freedom to achieve anycombination of colors by mixing the 3 primary colors, which yields a widevariety of colors to suit every application and product theme. These productsuse the industry standard footprint with top-mount, reverse-mount, and rightangle-mount packaging options, and frame type choices including PLCC LED (reflector) and Chip LEDs (PCB).
3227 Bi-Color SMD LEDs
Single color chip LEDs are used in a variety of applications including automotive interior and indication lighting, LCD and push button backlighting, white goods and appliances, industrial measurement and control systems, and for symbol lighting and status indication in computer peripherals and consumer goods.
Service hotline +0086 13612789419
Service hotline +0086 13612789419Service hotline +0086 13612789419
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