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Check common faults of emergency induction lamp and solutions

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Emergency lights can be seen in many places such as underground parking lots, among which the use of emergency induction lamps is relatively common. The emergency light should also be regularly maintained and overhauled, so as to ensure that when emergency lighting is really needed, the emergency light can achieve the lighting effect and duration as expected. Next, we will talk about common failures and solutions.


The brightness of the lamp tube gradually weakens after power failure

When encountering the failure of the emergency induction lamp, it is natural to analyze the specific situation, among which the common is that the light intensity decreases after the emergency lamp is illuminated. When the emergency induction lamp starts to work in case of power failure, the light will weaken before the future power supply. On the one hand, the endurance time is fast. The emergency lamp will reduce the light intensity in order to extend the endurance time. On the other hand, the terminal voltage may reach 10V due to the long-term discharge of the battery, which may damage the circuit board and then cause the light intensity to gradually decrease.


Indicator abnormal detection circuit accessories

In addition, when using the emergency induction lamp in daily life, attention should also be paid to the abnormal indicator light. Generally speaking, there is a problem with the circuit. For example, it is clear that the emergency power supply has been turned off, but the discharge indicator is still on, which may be due to the diode failure in the circuit, and it is also necessary to pay attention to whether there are cracks on the surface of the emergency induction lamp. Often, the emergency lamp is in an environment where the humidity and temperature are too high and too low for a long time, which may lead to the failure of the circuit accessories.


The above inventory is about the possible failures of the emergency induction lamp in daily use. Because the emergency lamp is used for emergency lighting under special circumstances, more attention should be paid to the failures or anomalies just noted, and the problems found earlier can be reasonably solved to ensure the normal operation and use of the emergency induction lamp.

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