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What factors affect the use experience of bead point UV curing lamp

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Before purchasing and using the bead point UV curing lamp, it is natural to do a good job in homework and understand the relevant knowledge. When choosing a specific UV curing lamp, we should not only pay attention to the brand reputation, but also understand the factors that will affect its life and use experience. Next, let's talk about this topic.


Pay attention to the parameters of curing lamp accessories


When selecting and purchasing bead point UV curing lamps, you must pay attention to the accessory parameters. The more details you have, the more you can affect the use quality and experience of the curing lamps. In the case of the same parameter configuration, the smaller the controller used for the curing lamp, the more energy will be saved. In addition, if the high-quality 365nm UVLED is used, the lighting effect of the lamp can be guaranteed and the service life can be reasonably extended. Therefore, attention should be paid to the accessories.


View the configuration in combination with the application


Also, the configuration of bead point UV curing lamp should not be ignored, which should be combined with our application needs. Because the cable length of this type of curing lamp can be increased as required during installation, the installation process should be optimized in combination with the site. In addition, the principle of the number of lamp beads should be limited. In addition, when the number of lamp beads is large, the control system should be considered to control them separately, which can meet the application needs of more scenarios. At the same time, it is also beneficial from the perspective of energy saving and extending the service life.

Supporting cooling equipment prolongs service life


In addition, the bead point UV curing lamp can reach the rated power immediately after it is turned on, so it is necessary to consider configuring a heat sink according to the working intensity. Generally speaking, such lamps have matching heat dissipation devices to avoid cutting heat, which can effectively prolong the service life of lamps.


The above description is how to choose the bead point UV curing lamp to ensure that its use effect and experience meet the expectations. Because each user's needs are different, it is natural to choose according to the actual situation after doing your homework.

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