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What factors determine the quality of emergency inductive ceiling lamp

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Many places will be equipped with emergency lights, among which emergency inductive ceiling lights are more widely used. Because it is a lamp used for emergency lighting, its quality naturally attracts much attention. In order to ensure that the expected lighting effect can be achieved when needed, attention should be paid to both the brand and configuration of the lamp. Next, we will talk about the details and aspects to be considered when selecting.


Pay attention to core components such as battery chip lamp beads


When selecting the emergency inductive ceiling lamp, we should first pay attention to the brand, and at the same time, we should not neglect the quality of the core components. When purchasing specific emergency lights, you should consider whether the lamp beads are Philips and other brand lamps, as well as induction chips and batteries. For example, many emergency lights use high-quality nickel batteries, so as to ensure more power storage and strong endurance. Then you need to know the details of the lamp shade. When viewing the lamp components, you can also correspond to the manufacturer's production standards. For example, compliance with GB standards is the guarantee of lamp quality.


Try lamps to see their lighting effects


In addition, try to use the emergency inductive ceiling lamp as much as possible, so as to know how it performs in our own environment. For example, most of the emergency lamps are round lampshades, so the lighting range can be clear through trial. Many brands of emergency lamps have built-in 150 ° wide-angle mirrors, so the lighting range is effectively increased. The other is to select the power according to the site conditions. In most cases, the power will affect the endurance market. For example, it is more appropriate to choose 24W for a relatively open site, while for a relatively small site, you can choose a smaller emergency light.


Now many people are paying attention to the procurement of emergency inductive ceiling lamps. Therefore, these aspects mentioned just now should be taken into account. We can't just use price and parameters as the measurement standard, especially the emergency lamps themselves are not commonly used lamps. We should pay more attention to the maturity of technology and quality assurance.

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