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What advantages make T5 cold chain lamp widely used

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Now, it is common to use T5 cold chain light tubes in both cold storage and field. The cold chain light tube itself belongs to the fluorescence degree, in which T5 refers to the circumference of the light tube of 5cm. Now, most people use this kind of cold chain lamp in the cold chain system, so let's talk about its application advantages.


Simple installation and wide application


T5 cold chain lamp tube can be widely used, the direct reason is that it is simple to install and suitable for various occasions. When installing this type of cold chain lamp, it is not necessary to remove the whole lamp, just replace the starter, so that the circuit and ballast do not need to be changed. There are also cold chain lamps that can be used in the environment from minus 15 ℃ to minus 50 ℃, so the application range is very wide.


Silent lighting and better lighting effect


When we select and purchase high-quality T5 cold chain lamps, we will find that there is no sound when such lamps are installed and used. The cold chain lamps used in cold storage and other places are not only silent, but also because the flash frequency depth of energy-saving lamps is below 5%, so neither T5 nor T8 cold chain lamps will flash. In addition, T5 has a higher color rendering index than T8 cold chain lamps, so the lighting effect is better.


Mercury free energy saving, electricity saving and environmental protection


In fact, T5 cold chain lamps are used in many places, because they are environmentally friendly. At present, all walks of life will pay attention to the environmental protection performance of lamps and lanterns. Traditional lamps and lanterns containing mercury and other substances will pollute the environment after being damaged, while cold chain lamps do not contain these substances. They are energy-saving lamps, so they really achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.


The above inventory shows the advantages of T5 cold chain lamps. It is precisely because of these advantages of cold chain lamps that they have been applied and popularized in more places and become one of the hottest lamps.

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