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Why the prices of T6 cold chain lamps of different brands differ a lo

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Many users find that the brand has a great impact on the price when purchasing cold chain lights, especially when purchasing in bulk. In fact, whether T5 or T6 cold chain lamps have different prices, it is often necessary to look at the parameter configurations of specific lamps. Next, take an inventory of the factors that affect the price of lamps.


Materials and technology for lamp application


When comparing different brands of T6 cold chain lamps, the first thing to look at is the parameter configuration. The shell of lamps is mainly made of aluminum alloy and plastic materials. The price of aluminum alloy lamps is higher, and the lighting effect of lamp bead brands such as Philips and Osram is naturally better. Also, it depends on the process. In this respect, it depends on the details of the lamp, which are all factors that affect the service life and price of the lamp.


Protective lamps and standards


Also, when we buy T6 cold chain lamps, we will see numbers like IP65 or IP67, which is the protection grade of lamps. The number 6 in front of IP67 is the dust-proof level, and the number 7 in the back is the waterproof level. Because the protection level of lamps is different in different natural application environments, the price will be affected accordingly.


Supporting services and guarantee of lamps


When it comes to the price of T6 cold chain lamps, service and guarantee should also be considered. When purchasing cold chain lamps in bulk, the service difference is more obvious. Brand manufacturers will provide users with installation and debugging services after delivery to the destination, as well as warranty.


The above inventory is the factors that determine and affect the price of T6 cold chain lamps, because these aspects will affect the price, which is why we will see different quotations when we see different brands of cold chain lamps in different channels.

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